Commercial Public Address

Public Address Systems

Public address systems for commercial applications is our bread and butter, we live, breath and sleep PA systems!

With a successful trading history extending over three decades for designing, installing and maintaining public address and sound systems, we know a thing or two about providing clear, reliable, and cost effective audio systems.

Whether it is a "Tannoy" type system covering multiple areas of a building, or a background music system in a retail venue, we have access to products which can suit most requirements and locations.

PAS Public Address Systems

We frequently combine products for different applications to produce the perfect solution in our eyes (and ears!) in our aim to deliver good quality commercial sound for any project we get involved with.

PA Specialist Contractors

Our area of specialism is in designing, developing, supplying, installing, repairing and maintaining public address, background music and sound system of all types.

We act as specialist contractors for many end users and sub-contractors for electrical and fire system contractors throughout the UK, providing an authoritive service and support on audio system installations in a wide variety of buildings.

Our resources are considerable compared to others...

  • A modern office & workshop building dedicated to providing a complete specialist audio service.
  • Vast technical libraries of most audio manufacturer's products.
  • Specialist audio repair, rack assembly and test workshops.
  • Large quantities of new and used equipment for immediate delivery and keeping existing installations operational.
  • In house specialist audio installation teams..
  • Service team equipped with spares and loan equipment.

Systems Supplied to:

  • Factories & Warehouses
  • Distribution Centres
  • Manufacturing Areas
  • Chemical Plants
  • Shopping Centres & Retail
  • Hospitals & Health Centres
  • Transport Terminals
  • Hotels & Civic Venues


Commercial audio

Intelligible PA

The main requirements of any public address or PA system where speech is being amplified are that the programme material must be heard comfortably by all the audience or public present, and that the speech is easily intelligible..

Intelligible PA

Modern standards for public address place greater emphasis on the quality and intelligibility of speech, something which we at PAS are constantly striving to push the standard of for every system we supply and install.

We aim to deliver systems which sound great, are easy to understand and provide many years reliable use. One of the many benefits of using true audio specialists for your sound system requirements.>

We frequently test different manufacturer's products side by side to compare performance, plus we often assemble and evaluate systems in our workshops prior to offering them in an installation proposal.

Our dedication and resources allow us to offer a service which is quality lead and not based on the cheapest or only equipment available. We've seen the results of using "system integrators" who use the wrong cables, unsuitable products and fail to setup correctly. It always ends up in frustration for the user and never saves money in the end!

Our investment in the very best audio test equipment, acoustic analysers and specialist measurement tools enables our commissioning engineers to fine tune the performance of our installations thereby providing you with the best sounding system.

Background Music Systems

With background music providing atmosphere and ambience in many commercial and industrial locations, selecting components that will provide reliable and pleasant sounding coverage is important. We can select from countless manufacturers to choose the best components for your music system.


With the advent of digital music, reliable music players are readily available through iPod, MP3 and streaming devices eliminating the reliability issues that were found with CD mechanisms of the past. We can supply iPod docks, MP3 players with USB and memory card sources, plus internet based streaming devices from radio and private sources.

Telephone Paging Interfacing

The addition of a telephone interface to a public address or 'Tannoy' system introduces the ability to make paging announcements from telephone systems within a site or from a remote location. This offers greater flexibility to an organisation who may wish to use the system from multiple locations which are served by an existing telephone network.

Announcements may be made live or with certain products, recorded then played back to avoid feedback from a point where a telephone is in close proximity to one of the PA speakers.


Modern IP telephone systems can also operate in the same way as above via dedicated IP interfaces (usually available from the telephone provider) to provide the necessary audio signal for the PA system.

Telephone Paging Interfacing

IP-PA Technology

Whilst the general concept of public address systems has changed little in the last 50 years, there are some recent product developments which offer audio contractors like us an ability to develop PA systems in new ways by employing digital products and IP networks.

We have successfully supplied and installed site wide PA systems by utilising IP network products to link buildings across roads and other obstacles on large sites without having to re-cable.


With IT network coverage being extensive on most sites and buildings, we can link PA coverage to otherwise difficult locations using IP products which now make large, complex systems much easier to achieve and change around in the future.

We benefit by having our own in house network specialists to help develop and commission these systems utilising your IT infrastructure to simplify cabling and installation time.

If you need a true commercial audio specialist who offers specialist knowledge and support in a down to earth and practical manner, give us a call. Our helpful team of technical sales staff can help you through your enquiry and any ordering process.

See some of the countless commercial and industrial locations we've supplied and installed Public Address, Tannoy and Background Music systems here.