I-Call Systems

Developed from proprietary audio products, the I-Call system can be developed and expanded to meet most production needs and background noise levels. Over the last decade the system has been successfully installed in steel production plants, paper mills, printing works, insulation production works to name but a few locations.

Cut throught the noise with the I-Call system!

Production areas can be noisy places with m achines running in what are often large, reverberant spaces which may result in problems with operator communication being impaired.

On processes which have several operators along different stages of one machine, good communication is essential and the I-Call system provides sufficient volume to penetrate above background noise providing staff with a truly effective system.

Based around standard audio components, the systems employ commercial public address products which are readily available and easy to swap out when required, and as such the systems can be developed in a very flexible manner which can adapt easily to many requirements with various call points and speakers available to meet most needs.

Systems can be provided with wiring schematics to allow your maintenance staff to wire and install with relative ease if required, alternatively PAS engineers can carry out the full installation.

Key features of the I-Call system:

Flexible and adaptable to suit most requirements.

Adjustable speaker levels with up to 123dBA available at any speaker

Service providers to many facilities maintenance organisations.

In house assembly, fabrication and general engineering facilities.

Pre-amplified signals to ensure noise-free operation.

Easily interchangeable parts.

Robust products for reliable operation.

The I-Call System can be adapted to suit various locations with different call points and speakers available to suit most locations

Typical items available include:

MP562 Operators Microphone Unit

Designed for wall or pillar mounting, the MP562 unit uses a robust noise cancelling microphone on an ABS enclosure which houses electronics to enable long cable runs without picking up electrical noise. The microphone head can be used with a flexible gooseneck and base to enable it to be mounted onto an operator's console as an alternative method of use.

MP577 Operators Microphone Unit

The MP577 version employs a noise cancelling fist microphone designed for clear communication in very noisy applications. The microphone unit is built to withstand mechanical shocks, vibration, high temperature and humidity. The "Million-Cycle" press to talk switch ensures many years of reliable service.

The MP577 is supplied as a detachable microphone for easy field replacement complete with the electronics in an ABS enclosure. In wet locations the entire microphone and electronics assembly can be housed in an IP rated enclosure with door to ensure cleaning operations do no harm the components.

SC615 Horn Speaker

The standard horn speaker mounts to a wall or pillar in close proximity to each call point to enable users to hear calls from others on the system. The horn speakers can produce up to 123 dBA if required to penetrate above noisy production areas and are infinity adjustable in volume when driven from the system amplifier.

Example Installation: Insulation manufacturer

Our client produces insulation materials for the building industry in which the manufacturing process takes place on machines in a linear fashion extending over 120m in length. With a control room and approximately 10 operator's stations along the machine it is imperative that staff can respond immediately to breakdowns, jams and snags when the machines roll.

Our system was first installed approximately eight years ago and has been extended on several occasions as new operator's positions were added to the machines. The system continues to operate effectively and reliably without any equipment failures over that period.