Background or Business Music Systems

Background music systems provide atmosphere and ambience in many commercial and business locations which would otherwise appear quiet and intimidating.

Research has shown that the use of music can enhance the customer or client's experience and increase their spend.

With our considerable experience of commercial audio systems, we can provide background or foreground music systems to suit all locations and applications.

Getting to know you and your business is the first essential step in any project. Gaining an understanding of the role of sound systems in your business is necessary for us to identify your precise audio requirements.

We carefully select components that will provide an enjoyable and pleasant sound from discrete loudspeakers when required, or adopt larger branded products that form part of the overall visual effect for the venue. Additionally we choose components to suit the acoustic and architectural constraints of any space.

Whether you require background music and paging system around your lounges, bars and restaurants, or sound reinforcement and assisted hearing systems in your function rooms, PAS can provide all the solutions you require. We tailor systems to meet your requirements, building layout and architectural finishes utilising products from across the globe and our huge wealth of experience.

Zoned Systems

Splitting your business space up into zones allows music levels to be adjusted independently and turned off as required. We can develop systems with centralised or localised volume and music selector controls plus with some of the fantastic digital products available on the market, offer wireless iPad or tablet control.

Play instrumental music in your reception and upbeat music in your restaurant!

Music Sources

With the advent of digital music, reliable music players are readily available through iPod, MP3 and streaming devices eliminating the reliability issues that were found with CD mechanisms of the past. We can supply iPod docks, MP3 players with USB and memory card sources, plus internet based streaming devices from radio and private sources.

Don't get left behind with a poorly performing music system, we can design and install systems which sound great and need little expertise to operate. Call us now or email to see how we can help.

Typical Venues and Locations

  • Hospitality
  • Bars & restaurants
  • Sports & Leisure Venues
  • Corporate Facilities
  • Retail Environments
  • Visitor Attractions