Intercom Systems

Intercom systems are stand-alone voice communications systems for use within a building or site functioning independently of the telephone system. Applications can vary, but invariably include door entry and security situations, point to point communication and interfacing with public address systems. Traditional intercoms comprise of simple analogue components but many new features and interfacing options are achievable with systems based on digital networking connections. We have various systems available to us in order to offer a solution to your communication needs.

Simple Wired Intercoms

Dedicated point to point communication systems for security and other business applications.

Typical wired intercom types include:

·  Master Station or Base Station – These are units that can control the system, i.e., initiate a call with any of the stations and make announcements over the whole system.
·  Sub-station – Units that are capable of only initiating a call with a Master Station but not capable of initiating calls with any other stations (sometimes called slave units).
· Door Station – Like sub-stations, these units are only capable of initiating a call to a Master Station. They are typically weather-proof.
·  Wall Mount Station – fixed-position intercom station with built-in loudspeaker. May have flush-mounted microphone, hand-held push to talk microphone or telephone-style handset.

Simple Wired Intercoms

IP Intercom Systems

IP Network Intercoms offer flexible communications for multiple users on existing corporate local and wide area data networks.

Built on proven network audio technology, the new IP Intercom products occupy minimal network bandwidth for station-to-station calls and can be controlled and monitored through software or web browser. Programmable system functions include paging zones, time-based call forwarding and scan monitoring.

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IP Intercom Systems

Speech Transfer Intercom Systems

Speech Transfer Systems are purpose designed for use in situations where company staff need to be able to deal efficiently with members of the public, whilst at the same time remaining totally secure.

Various system options are available to suit most window and counter communication requirements.

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Speech Transfer Systems

I-Call Intercom System

Utilising proprietary audio products, the I-Call system can be developed and expanded to meet the needs for very noisy environments.

The system is a method of communicating between operating positions on manufacturing lines with high ambient noise levels, where normal intercoms and methods fail to be effective.

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I-Call System