Pro Sound Systems

Providing sound systems for professional or performance use requires knowledge and product familiarity that only comes with experience, something we've got lots of having been in business for three decades.

With access to products and when necessary, support from most major manufacturers, we are able to develop professional sound systems to suit most requirements. We frequently combine products from different manufacturers to produce the perfect solution in our eyes (and ears!) in our aim to deliver good quality sound.

Pro sound systems

PA Specialist Contractors

Our area of specialism is in designing, developing, supplying, installing, repairing and maintaining public address and music systems of all types.

We act as specialist contractors for many end users and sub-contractors for electrical and fire system contractors throughout the UK, providing an authoritive service for audio system installations in a wide variety of locations.

Our resources are considerable compared to others...

  • A complete modern building dedicated to providing a complete specialist audio service.
  • Vast technical libraries of most audio manufacturer's products.
  • Specialist audio repair, rack assembly and test workshops.
  • Large quantities of new and used equipment for immediate delivery and keeping existing installations operational.
  • In house specialist audio installation teams.
  • Service team stocked with spares and loan equipment.

Intelligible PA

The main requirements of any public address or PA system where speech is being amplified are that the programme material must be heard comfortably by all the audience or public present, and that the speech is easily intelligible.

Modern standards for public address place greater emphasis on the quality and intelligibility of speech, something which we at PAS are constantly striving to push the standard of for every system we supply and install.

We aim to deliver systems which sound great, are easy to understand and provide many years reliable use. One of the many benefits of using true audio specialists for your sound system requirements.

We frequently test different manufacturer's products side by side to compare performance, plus we often assemble and evaluate systems in our workshops prior to offering them in an installation proposal.

Our investment in the very best audio test equipment, acoustic analysers and specialist measurement tools enables our commissioning engineers to fine tune the performance of our installations thereby providing you with the best sounding system.

Performance Loudspeakers

We are dealers for many key brands including Community Audio and Bose whose ranges are extensive and offer products for most applications. With numerous loudspeakers available on the market at the moment, there are many choices for systems which require both performance and discrete appearance.

Performance Loudspeakers

Audio Electronics

Amplifiers, mixers and signal processors are all essential items in a good professional sound system. Choosing the correct items and connecting them in the right order is important, but vitally setting them up with the correct tools is essential.

Audio electronics

Radio Microphones

With wireless technology now becoming accepted as a standard requirement, product development and manufacturing technology have made sophisticated radio microphone systems available to the wider markets at low prices than ever before.


Manufacturers such as Shure, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Trantec and TOA offer great products which are available through our sales team for installations and trade counter sales.

If you need a true audio specialist who offers specialist knowledge and support in a down to earth and practical manner, give us a call.

Our helpful team of technical sales staff can help you through your enquiry and any ordering process.