School Class Change Systems

Creating a site wide school class change signalling system is easy with a public address installation by PAS Sound. Utilising our loudspeaker network throughout the site, the system can be used to broadcast tones or melodies at class change and break times.

With the ability to store virtually any digital tone, no longer is it necessary to have traditional bells as the primary audible indication. Our extensive library can offer a selection of melodic tones to suit most requirements.

School class change system

By using a programmable electronic timer an entire school week can be automatically signalled without user intervention, resulting in effective communication and better use of your school public address system.

We've successfully installed systems to both new build and existing school sites, from primary schools to high schools and colleges.

Typically a school class change and public address will comprise of loudspeakers in classrooms, circulation areas, halls, labs and external areas. These are usually split into zones to enable announcements, class change and music broadcasts to be routed to only those areas that need them.

A centralised amplifier and timer unit control all announcements and time tones with a zoned paging microphone available at one or more locations, such as the general school office or head's office.

Pre-recorded emergency messages or tones can also be stored on the system for use in extreme situations where a lock down or other similar action is required.

School class change system
School Emergency Lockdown
Communication Systems

Effective security and immediate communications for schools is more vital than ever before.

The PAS School ALERTER emergency broadcast system helps simplify the complexities of emergency communications, to inform staff, students and visitors of serious situations but also act as a tool for day to day school activities.

School administrators will have the confidence that their building or site is well prepared to respond to imminent threats during a crisis situation.

In addition to acting as an emergency lockdown system, School ALERTER can also act as several systems in one:

  • Emergency Lockdown Facility
  • Class Change Facility
  • Public Address Facility
  • Music Broadcast Facility

To find out more about school emergency lockdown system solutions provided by PAS Sound, click on the link below.

We can tailor a class change/PA system to meet most requirements and sites.

Why not contact us today to discuss how we can develop a scheme for your school!